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Ин-н-н-нтерв-в-в-вью с директором Южного полюса по ИТ - Dmitry
December 13th, 2007
10:20 pm
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Ин-н-н-нтерв-в-в-вью с директором Южного полюса по ИТ
клево :)

Частичный перевод - http://habrahabr.ru/blog/offtopic/32406.html

Туда много веселого не попало. Например, вот это:

What's the most outrageous experience you had?
We have this tradition called the 300 Club. When the temperature drops below -100 we hike the sauna up to 200 degrees and stay in there as long as we can stand it. Then we run outside, naked, around the geographic pole and back inside so we get that total 300-degree change in temperature. That happens every year and it's absolutely amazing. Just the feel of that cold on your skin is like nothing else. People always wonder if you can feel the difference between 60 below and 100 below and the answer is absolutely.

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